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Tonight we only had 5 players. But we came out with a good win and yes this time the splash brothers were making it rain in our 81-66 victory our record improves to 3-1 and yes today the other team called us the golden state warriors
Nick - 35
Me - 21
Parker - 18
Austin - 7
Russell - 0

Okay so the last game I did not really post anything cause we lost and even though we played shitty we still almost won I missed the tying 3 and we had to foul so we lost by 5 …. 60-55
Nick - 3
Me - 24

Me and nick are the leading scorers of team Brotherhood these are our points in all of our games including tonight’s game
Nick - 21,19,3,35
Me - 20,21,24,21

Our average
Nick -19.5 ppg
Me - 21.5 ppg

With that being said me and nick are the LeBron James & Dwayne Wade ( The King and The Flash) / Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson (splash brothers) duo and we been running like that since we first started playing together… brotherhood for real

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