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Why do I feel like there is always going to be something that people or a person will never accept about me
Whether it be a certain opinion or something physical or anything else

We watched my bros basketball game

I took Judy to watch my brothers basketball game,
they won the game and it was a good game the Spartans beat kaiser but they could have won by so much more.. My brother ended the game with about 7 rebounds, 8 points off of 2 big threes and a nice put back, took 3 big charges, and had 5 assists… 1 of those assists was so beastly and silly smooth

But there were the kaiser parents and fans that were hating on my team so I was saying shit back the whole game

And Judy really enjoyed all of it

She said I’m amazing

So Judy told me I am amazing, she told me me she loves me and that she loves everything about me.

She never complains about a single thing I do cause she told me she loves the way I act even if at times it’s childish. She doesn’t care that I have ADHD she thinks it makes me unique and says that it’s okay cause there won’t be any dull moments. And there hasn’t been dull moments.

She doesn’t mind taking me shopping because she said I make shopping easy for her cause I have good taste not only for myself but for her stuff too

She is fun and exciting
She works out and goes running with me
She herself is amazing too
She loves watching me play basketball and not like being there checking her phone or reading a magazine I mean like she actually likes to come to my games and watch and cheer me on

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