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Why do I feel like there is always going to be something that people or a person will never accept about me
Whether it be a certain opinion or something physical or anything else

We watched my bros basketball game

I took Judy to watch my brothers basketball game,
they won the game and it was a good game the Spartans beat kaiser but they could have won by so much more.. My brother ended the game with about 7 rebounds, 8 points off of 2 big threes and a nice put back, took 3 big charges, and had 5 assists… 1 of those assists was so beastly and silly smooth

But there were the kaiser parents and fans that were hating on my team so I was saying shit back the whole game

And Judy really enjoyed all of it

She said I’m amazing

So Judy told me I am amazing, she told me me she loves me and that she loves everything about me.

She never complains about a single thing I do cause she told me she loves the way I act even if at times it’s childish. She doesn’t care that I have ADHD she thinks it makes me unique and says that it’s okay cause there won’t be any dull moments. And there hasn’t been dull moments.

She doesn’t mind taking me shopping because she said I make shopping easy for her cause I have good taste not only for myself but for her stuff too

She is fun and exciting
She works out and goes running with me
She herself is amazing too
She loves watching me play basketball and not like being there checking her phone or reading a magazine I mean like she actually likes to come to my games and watch and cheer me on

If you fall i will catch you

she has all these qualities that i have been looking for

she is intelligent, independent, fun, exciting, enjoyable, interesting, and caring. she is so special, so amazing, so fantastic

she likes that im passionate about like animals and Basketball (and just sports stuff lol)

she doesnt care about how connected i am with my friends 

she doesnt let the way i am freak her out she totally accepts me for me

she, as most of my close friends have told me, is a keeper and a total upgrade from what i got out of with my ex

i really like her and not like oh i like this girl, no i really got feelings for her,

she said it pretty well “we go well together cause we have alot of things between us that are so similar, but we also have alot of things that are different between us.. and we just have the right balance”

i believe we have a good balance between us 

every time that i get to spend time together with her i feel a little closer to her i guess. and i feel more for her 

and all the time i pray for help from god to make this into something special. i wish for this, for us to take a step further.. i would catch her if she jumped and started to take the fall into the unknown, i would be there to make sure she never hits the ground, but gets caught in the safety of my arms

these kisses make my feel like im floating like i get lighter and they have this feel and its almost electric and it like surges through my body, it feels so good

honestly i didnt think that i was gonna be able to trust anyone again after what i went through. with all the lies and shit from my last relationship. i thought that trust would be hard to come by but she makes it so easy for me to just be myself and be open that i trust her completely 

i really try to hold in portions of the way i really feel about her because i scared that if she knows i might scare her off and push her away. and i dont want to do that because i want to be the one she actually calls her boyfriend and i want to call her my girlfriend and it slips out of my mouth sometimes because thats part of how much i care and feel about her that i feel like she is 

the only other person that knows how i really feel about her all the time is my best friend nick.

sometimes it frustrating for myself because i feel like she is already my girlfriend.. sometimes she will say things like what if i never take it to that level..

thats when i tell myself there is no reason not to try go to the next level.. im a great guy, i show passion, i do small things, i make her happy and feel secure. i aint lazy, i know pretty much what i want to do with my life. and i know i can act crazy and stupid at time (lie childish) but i still do shit like an adult. 

for me everything feels right, it just all feels right and i am sure that she feels for me too.

i think that there is always a risk of taking a chance with someone. just fuck everyone saying things and telling you how to do things and what you should be doing with your time 

just let things happen, especially of you have feelings for that person 

i wish i could really just take her on a journey through my mind to show her that truthfully and honestly i would do anything to make her happy. i would show her that if she chose to take this to the next level i wouldnt let her down 

im not perfect, im not rich, i may not be able to give physical materialistic things all the time. i make mistakes. but i acknowledge that i make mistakes and i try to fix them. i try to be the best person i can be and being honest and truthful is a part of being as close to perfect as i can even thought i will never be perfect

but even though i know im not perfect, she is perfect to me 

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